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i just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the basic atc exam. im not sure what happens next. please fill me in and let me know how to proceed further.






Congrats on your promotion mate,


how did u actually p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it?i know its gotta do with reading the information,half the time i don't understand it





Lak Singh

Remember: When in doubt, ask!

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You actually have to STUDY, Lakhbir. Google will not let you p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] this exam, neither will using CTRL+F on all the docomeents you have. You have to understand everything presented to you. Its not a hard test if you just sit down and learn the stuff without trying to take shortcuts.


And if you have issues understanding the material, feel free to contact me via msn/aim/skype. I'm around a lot during the morning and late afternoon (EST), and always a night owl. I'll be happy to help by explaining things for you. But remember, asking for help with it is half the battle

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