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NVIDIA 8600GT help

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I just went out and brought the NVIDIA 8600GT for my computer and so far everything has been fine, but when I set antialiasing to 16x and for it to override the application setting that still doesn't make FS shaper. I think I have all the settings right. does anyone have any suggestions?

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NVidia 8800GT has interlock AA setting in FS9, due to issues or any reason. No one I read has been able to set AA in 8800GT, but only by use the external setting application nHancer.


See topic http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=31261 or search forum.


I did try myself to use nHancer but it only crash for me all the time (probably due to the .net requirements and incompatibility ) . I uninstalled and use without AA. At least my system is stable and im happy with that.


But many people get the nHancer to work fine.


EDIT: aha 8600, anyway i think it is similar condition as for 8800.

/ Lennart Vedin / vedinat.png910701.png

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There is a little trick to getting the AA working with Nvidia cards...I've the 8800GTS and this worked for me:


Get nHancer

Close the Nvidia control panel

Start nhancer and find the FS9 profile...delete it (later Nvidia drivers don't allow this but please try).

Recreate a profile for FS9 using the FULL PATH to the FS9 executable

Set up the profile as you require, 4xAA is fine.

nHancer has an option for dual core processors -- I tried this but it caused random crashes - YMMV

Save the profile and start FS9 .. make sure AA is set to off in FS9 (IIRC)


Close FS9, close nHancer (make sure the autoload option is off) and restart Nvidia control panel

and select the FS9 profile there...


There's apparently a bug with the way the drivers, control panels etc deal with profiles and

often recreating them or at least creating a new one fixes many issues such as AA.


I have AA running perfectly on my 8800GTS with framerates averaging 70-100fps but

locked to 30fps. NB: don't bother with more than 30fps as you'll see no difference at

the expense of greater CPU, bus and GPU use.


Hope this helps,



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It's also worth noting that not all card/driver combos support all of the anti-aliasing modes; I know that the 16x and 32x don't work for my 8800GTS with the latest WHQL driver, but the 3x3 mode did (as did 4x4, but at 1680x1050 not even my card can keep up).





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I *just* went through a whole bunch of tweaking and twiddling with regards to my nVidia 8800GTX. Solving the Anti-aliasing problem with a big part of it. These are quotes of my own text from another forum that I was posting to. Please pardon the fact that it reads as a more personal discussion with someone else.


All right... I sunk a whole afternoon chasing down anti-aliasing rabbit holes. I think I finally got things back in order. The root of the problem was that I had two separate profiles that both applied to fs9.exe. That was fairly straight forward. It was figuring out how to delete one of them that became the problem. Both of them were "predefined" and not allowed to be deleted. I finally solved it by going into the nvapps.xml file and hand editing the profiles (deleting one of the two.) Then things started responding again like I was expecting.


I also learned that nHancer has been enhanced. It's now capable of editing those predefined profiles. So if you'd like to use it for any reason, some of those problems that Jason alludes to have been solved by the latest version.


I still get a bit of shimmering that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm still experimenting with combinations of nHancer vs. Driver, profile settings, etc, etc.


and the followup post

Okay... more info. I went down a huge rabbit hole with this whole video driver / nHancer thing. It's taken me a day and a half to recover and involved countless reboots, driver uninstalls, reg edits, and the like.


Jason, I'm not discrediting your observations, but I'm not entirely convinced that nHancer was the frame rate hog. Instead I'm wondering if it wasn't in the profile settings, profile management, profile activation, etc, etc. With the global profile, all the predefined profiles, user profiles, the confusion that comes with this profile soup coupled with the myriad of antialiasing, ansiostropic, LOD bias, etc. options, I'm wondering if your computer just simply wasn't doing what you thought it was doing.


At this point, I'm sticking with nHancer -- the new version 2.4.1. This version is compatible with the latest versions of the nVidia drivers and will allow you to edit any and all profiles -- including the predefined ones that come with the driver. That's huge. Without it, you're sunk. nHancer is simply a profile editor. It reads from & writes to the same nvApps.xml file as the nVidia Control Panel. It's much more powerful, however, in that it lets you edit *everything* instead of the limited options that the nVidia control panel lets you edit. It was that power that saved the day for me.


The one option that broke the log jam for me was the checkbox "Enhance in-game AA setting". Until you can turn that off, you're hosed. I need the ability to give the video card complete control and the nVidia control panel won't let you turn that off. It gives you the impression you can, but after examining the XML file post change, it really didn't let me.


Another key element in all this is making sure that you completely and cleanly remove any old driver files before installing the new ones. That took a lot of time chasing them all down. There's a nice little utility called Driver Sweeper that helps with that. Very useful. It turned out that I had 3 versions worth of drivers all scattered about. Also, I got a lot of guidance from TweakGuides.com. This site is great and incredibly informative. It helped me *finally* unravel the driver settings mystery.


My final results. I'm staying with nHancer. And with the latest driver files and the latest nHancer, I'm good to go.

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