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VACC Austria opened!

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Ok, we wanted to wait for an official announcement this, but ok - now Tim was faster.


Yes, it's true - the old VACC-SAG is split into two separate VACCs, one of them is the new VACC Austria, covering the Austrian airspace. Because of that, you will find all neccessary information for the main airports Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck and Linz and even more on our new homepage www.vacc-austria.org now.


After registering on this homepage, you have access to our Teamspeak-Server, our Forum, our Wiki (for procedures and training docomeents) and of course the homepage itself.


Today we had our "Welcome event" with 19 booked stations inside our airspace - it was a great success and I hope - no, I know - this is the same way, the new VACC will go in the future.


I am looking forward to seeing you in Austrian airspace,

Bernhard Harb.


VACC Austria

Organisation Team


Bernhard Harb

VACC Austria Member

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