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Procedures for VATSIM-JAPAN visiting controllers?

Gunnar Seljeseth 883677

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I've been trying to find information as to how I might join VATSIM-Japan as a visiting ATC, yet I've been unable to find any such information, be it through different VATSIM-Asia region forums, or trying to google the subject. What are the requirements, and who do I contact? On the last question, I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the VAT-Japan training director would be the correct answer...

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There is no limitation to the visitor air traffic controller in VATJPN.

However, English material is a little.


A domestic user has the person who is skilled and doesn't have English either, and agree to react in Japanese, please.


This contribution was written for other people who had the same doubt.


Dear All,


You can see the problem now -> Languages!


In summary:

VATJPN does not has a formal visiting controller system.

There is no limitation for visiting controller in VATJPN but you will definitely find it difficult because of the language.

Although there are icao standard charts, other materials are mostly in Japanese. Very few information in English made the non-Japanese speaking controller very difficult to start.


Pilots are skillful but again they might have difficulties with English. They mostly need Japanese to control. This again makes non-Japanese speaking controller very difficult to deal with local traffics.



Willaim Woo


William Woo

VATSIM - Asia Region Director


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Greetings, Not to step on any toes but all controllers and pilot should have minimal English skills weather it be vioce or text. Refer to the VATSIM Code of Regulations below.



§1.01 Membership

A. Requirements: VATSIM.net is open for membership to all individuals who have reached the age of thirteen (13) years old or older. In addition, membership is available to all individuals regardless of race, creed, color or nationality. Members should be able to converse and/or provide air traffic control services in English, the

internationally accepted official language for air traffic control.


Staff member from Japan may want to consider a Language Converter like we did in Thailand. We thought it would be bennifical to provide training and testing in both English and Thai to our members. We do expect our Thai controller to have minimal English skills (Voice or Text). There should be no reason to turn someone down from controlling. What happens when a US (English speaking) pilot fly's into Japan. Gunnar, You are more than welcome to visit in Thailand (once we get more Instructors). http://www.vatthd.net

John Holt


Thailand vACC Director

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The controllers of VATJPN can control "English speaking pilots" by using correct phraseology(ENGLISH).Because,We had prepared the same materials as a real controller from a few years ago,and VATJPN controllers are trained by training team before grant the rating.


The important thing here,

"Controllers are able to speak Japanese, Japanese-beginners can be supported by Japanese-language anytime."


Actually, Real domestic pilots multiuses Japanese in the local.

It cannot be said that VATSIM is a hobby if VATJPN becomes an environment that is more difficult than real world.

It might be more difficult for the beginner to debut.


"The controllers in Fukuoka FIR can control in both English(phraseology) and Japanese."

(both necessary)


There are controllers of non-Japanese who can speak Japanese in VATJPN.

If There is the person who can speak Japanese and wants to become a controller of RJJJ, Please email to our ATM anytime



"LOCAL LANGUAGE" is very important to develop from(in) the local too

Yamane,Keisuke /811527



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2 hours ago, Chancy Law said:

Always looking for when some Japan controllers are on but haven't seen a lot lately, a tower controller here and there. Hope things are going well at VATJPN 🙂

Presume you already know this, but in case you don't, 9 times out of 10 controllers book positions beforehand - bookings can be seen via https://vatjpn.org/online/reserve.

There seems to be quite a few new contollers going through training at the moment, which is always nice to see.

Alex 1527896 EGTK

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