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Hello all!


For those who don't know me, my name is Joshua Minchenko, founder and lead developer of a VATSIM pilot utility called VATSTAT. VATSTAT (VATSIM Statistics) until now has been used excusively in Australia, simulating an airport terminal flight board providing up to the minute information on flight status and estimated arrival times.


Over the months we've been adding several features suggested by the VATPAC community. Some of these include operator recognisation, more detailed flight information, an ATC board which displays any and all ATC positions online in Australia and a brand new Support Ticket Centre.


One of our most important features is myStat. You can now register and login to VATSTAT and customise your flight boards to display only the flights you want to see. Filters can be created for a range of flights, allowing you to display flights with restrictions on callsign, remarks, route and more. The myStat boards cater to all flights with a flight plan, anywhere in the world and now come with an expand feature to show even more information.


As I said, until now this has been a tool exclusive to flights in Australia with a view to expand to countries as popularity increases. Over the last week we have been working hard on VATSTAT and today we are pleased to announce our official expansion into New Zealand!


From the home page, simply click on the NZ flag at the top of the page to view flights in NZ. This expansion of course includes ATC as well and by going to the ATC link and then clicking on the NZ flag you can see any and all ATC online in NZ.



To check out these features and more, head over to http://www.vatstat.com

myStat is accessable by clicking login from that page or direct via http://mystat.vatstat.com


We also have some promo vids on YouTube that further explain these features:





Suggestions, questions and comments are always welcome - have a look at the FAQ first (http://www.vatstat.com/index.php?q=help). A link to our Support Ticket Centre (used for contacting our support staff) is at the bottom of that page.





Joshua Minchenko

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Thanks Jono!


As most of you are aware VATSTAT.com has recently implemented some new features and now a new logo. Finding ourselves with a truckload of free time, we decided to make another movie.


Looking back on our previous movies, despite the incredibly awesome music and sweet, smooth baritone voice of the narrator, we thought it was time to look away from the boring "here's how cool we are" video and move more towards something appealing to the young generation of today.


This is the result.





But thats not all!


In prelude to our official expansion into the greater Oceanic region, VATSTAT has implemented BETA filters for the following countries:


  • Fiji & Tonga
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands


The extent to which we will cover Oceania in terms of the number of countries is still being decided on. If you have any preference or ideas as to which countries you'd like to see implemented, please indicate that on this thread or via a support ticket at http://www.vatstat.com/support.


To have a look at these new filters, simply go to http://www.vatstat.com and click on the respective flags below our logo.


We thank VATPAC & VATNZ for their continued support.





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