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Singapore Airlines Virtual Launched!!-recruting now!!

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Singapore Airlines Virtual is the National Virtual Airline of Singapore and is the virtual counter part to the real world Singapore Airlines. We have a modern fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft that fly to destinations in Asia, North America and Europe, major destinations in the pacific and a vast regional network in Singapore. Singapore Airlines Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Singapore Airlines. We are inviting to take part of this success by joining us today!


For those that's interested to be part of the management could contact us here: http://www.simmiles.com/asiava/SIA/


See you there!!!



please also leave your email address on the signup form and your name so that i know who the email is from


NOTAM: first flight must be filed 14 days from the time i contact you,failure to do so,will see a email from me,or your account deleted.


that is all


Lak Singh

Remember: When in doubt, ask!

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