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We do NOT do trials by forum, nor do we name and shame members, if they do or do not make mistakes. I am utterly appalled at this posting and is now being considered for disciplinary action.


Thread locked.


You and the majority of all members here are aware there is a complaints procedure if you have a problem with the service received.


For those unaware, if you have a complaint regarding service received, an email should be raised to the Director and Deputy Director. It will then be reviewed accordingly.

Network Administrator, VATSIM-UK

Executive Director, NWVA et al

VATSIM Supervisor

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In the advent that the member that I had named by mistake had not read my original posting subsequently removed by the UK Director, I shall therefore impose no further distress on the memeber by naming him again here.


In the event that the named member HAS read the content of my original posting, I therefore unreservedly apologise to the member for any stress caused.


It was "major" oversight on my behalf as I had forgotten to remove the said controllers name in the post after copying and pasting part of the contents of an email that had been already sent to UK Staff.


Again my unreserved apologies to that member of this community.




Dan Finney


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