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Requests about TAGs

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Hello, I tried to find it in Mantis but I couldn't, so- will you gents take into consideration:

-to have ability to modify colours of primary target, dot-trace and vector line separately?

-to have ability to modify size of primary target [as for e.g. VORs]?

-to have ability to set time vector line to one more extra value: 30 sec [good idea for APP/DIR sectors]?

Take care!

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The size for VOR symbols, as well as NDBs, fixes, etc, and font sizes, can be adjusted in the Symbology Settings window.


I have never seen a system that uses 30 second velocity leaders, it doesn't seem useful to me. The 1 minute leader (or 2, 3, 4...) is useful because whole minutes are easy to use.

Martin Loxbo

Director Sweden FIR

VATSIM Scandinavia

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