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Suggestion: Aircraft history & Standby aircraft

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Hey guys,


Recently when I have been vectoring aircraft I have found it quite tricky to judge the aircrafts turn radius becuase the history tail isn't long enough. I was wondering in the next version if it can be extended a little or maybe adjustable to users preference. It would also be a nice feature to be able to change the colour of the history tail. I think these two have been requested before but when I last read it there wasn't a reply and I cannot find the thread now.


Secondly, I really like the feature that standby aircraft in the air have a different tag but would it be possible to add tail history to these aircraft? It's a little hard to spot a green and hollow (for my setup) circle when I'm zoomed out. I would really like to see this more than my other suggestions.


Thanks for reading, hopefully you can take my suggestions into concideration.

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