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Monitoring ATC

Arjun Murthy 1051343

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I sometimes like to monitor ATC on VRC


sometimes when i right click on an ATC's callsign and i monitor them, i can not hear anything whatsoever. I know for sure this isn't working properly because i can hear other sounds on my headphones and when i listen to voice ATIS's, i can't hear anything.

i know the option where you open the communications panel and type in the information of the controller but was just wondering why it didn't work on the right click and monitor

it very rarely does work.


all help appreciated


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The monitor function requires the right port to be allowed through your router and forwarded to your computer.


If you use DHCP for obtaining your IP address, then it's quite possible the address will change and the forwarding will no longer work.


It's easier to get the text ATIS (right click his entry and choose "Request ATIS") of the controller to which you want to listen, and setup a comm channel to his frequency. Then select Rx and either headset or speaker as appropriate in the Comm panel.

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