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New Terminal at DTW

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As some of you may know, on September 17 the new North Terminal will open at DTW.All non Skyteam Airlines (except heavies for now) will park at the new terminal. I haven't seen any scenery or AFCAD that has been updated to reflect this. Have procedures at ZOB been updated to , and are there any taxiway changes? I could post in the ZOB forum but I don't feel like registering to ask one question and I figure many of you here may know more.




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As far as I know, there's no changes available as of yet. Also if I remember looking at the draft images, the new terminal will be placed somewhere east of taxiway K, (obviously near the current Smith terminal) along the side...and so I don't think taxiways will change.


Actually I stopped to actually check the current ground diagram as soon as I wrote that. It looks like the new terminal is actually depicted there now. You'll still see the old three-spoke Smith terminal, but notice to the side and just behind it the new building depictions. Those are all part of the North Terminal. That whole depiction that is parallel to taxiway K is all brand new.


So from the looks of it, all that will need updating is the scenery of the actual buildings the terminal area. I wouldn't expect any procedural changes really at all.

Steve Ogrodowski

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I fly in and out of de toilet every week. The new terminal is gonna make me retire that nickname... It looks really nice!


BTW Northwest Worldgateway, aka McNarma Terminal is really starting to show its age.... pity... its not that old ~shrug~

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