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No more handoffs?

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Here's the deal...


For me, logging off can be a hard thing to do, especially if you have pilots approaching your main airports. I always feels like I should stay that little bit longer so that these pilots will have had ATC all the way to the airport.


When I have had enough of a shift, I will usually announce that I will be close i.e in 10 minutes. More often than not, the neighbouring controllers will ask, if there is an aircraft approaching the common boundary, if I will take the handoff. Sometimes its 'yes', sometimes its 'no'. It all depends on what is going on. If I'm waiting to get one last aircraft on the ground, its probably going to be no; however, if I'm still waiting on several aircraft and I know it will be another 5 mins before they will be on the deck, then I will take the handoff. For me, its all about limiting workload at the end of the shift. There is no point in generating more work for yourself, and then close.





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I have to say something about controllers who have trouble logging off. It's this.


We notice.


I've been flying, sometimes, into some podunk field in the middle of nowhere, and there's hardly any traffic. There I am in my slower-than-highway-traffic bug smasher, and it's getting late, and I know from the controller's yawns that he would rather go to bed, and why doesn't the guy log off? But there he is, giving me altimeter settings, and doing not much else until he gives me a approach clearance, and then clears me to land, then to taxi, bids me good night, and then announces that center is closing.


I've got to tell you. It's a guilty pleasure to find out that you were the only reason that guy was staying up and on the frequency. That's so much above and beyond the call of duty for you to extend a session for just one pilot. But we do notice. Thank you.

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