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The "Seven Deadly Sims" are coming!!


WORLD FLIGHT 2008 commences November 2nd at 2300Z and finishes November 9th at 0900Z.


Starting from Sydney and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing though the seven VATSIM Regions the group will once again be flying to raise money for their respective charities.


The WFG will p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] through the South American Region between Nov 4th 1100Z and Nov 5th 0330Z. We will visit SEQU, SPIM, SLVR, SGAS, SBGL and SBSV before transitting to the Africa Middle East Region.


High density traffic and full ATC coverage will be experienced during this time. Flight Plans in all popular formats will be available for download from our website and I will advise when these are available via this link.


Visit www.worldflight.com.au for more details and links to the seven simulators participating.


Terry Scanlan


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Hi Terrence, Quito is ready to recive you guys, we will have full ATC in Ecuador, Guayaquil Center, Quito APP, Quito Twr and Quito Gnd, you can find updated charts in our web page: www.guayaquil-fi.org.


Pleas next time dont come so early ( for us 6 am )


Nicolás Larenas

VATSIM Supervisor



Quito - Ecuador

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