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is it possible for me to get moved from ZFW to LAARTCC? the training in ZFW is not that well due to material not working.. they have this testing center and is not functioning... i would like to be able to be a part of an ARTCC that is dedicated. and i think LAARTCC is a good one... i hope my request can be granted

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Hi Vincent,


Just follow the information below and you're all set:



9) ARTCC Transfers


A. Any VATUSA controller may request a transfer out of their existing ARTCC to another ARTCC using the VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word-protected "Transfer Request Form" on the VATUSA website.


B. The ARTCC ATM of the requested ARTCC reserves the right to accept or refuse (with cause) any and all transfers to his ARTCC from any outside ARTCC, VATSIM Division, or VATSIM Region. "Cause" is defined by a current VATUSA/ARTCC approved policy.


C. The ARTCC ATM shall submit his decision using the VATUSA automated Transfer Approval/Denial system in the "ATMs' Secure Site" of the VATUSA website.


D. The ARTCC ATM reserves the right to propose his ARTCC Transfer policies governing controllers transferring from outside of his ARTCC. Each ARTCC's transfer policy is subject to the approval of the responsible VATUSA Air Traffic Director. No amendments of such policies may be made without the approval of the appropriate Air Traffic Director. In order to refuse a transfer with cause, an ARTCC must have a posted policy (displayed in a public part of their ARTCC website) addressing controller transfer requirements and procedures. Those ARTCC's not wishing to establish a transfer policy shall be considered "open to transfers", thus having no right of refusal.


E. No individual may transfer ARTCC's more than once within a contiguous 90-day period. This excludes new controllers that opt to leave an ARTCC that they selected when first joining VATUSA. In such cases, the request must be made within 30 days of initial ARTCC [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment and subsequent transfers may not be requested for 90 days.


F. ATMs are encouraged to discuss transfer requests amongst themselves to evaluate a request before approving or refusing with cause.


G. All transfer refusals shall also be sent to the appropriate VATUSA Air Traffic Director (by the automated system) to insure that the refusal is in compliance with published transfer policies.


H. All transfer requests will be processed as expeditiously as possible. At the discretion of the appropriate Air Traffic Director, transfer requests may be approved or denied by the Air Traffic Director if the ARTCC ATM has not processed a decision within 14 days of the original request submission date. Transfer requests not processed within 21 days may be accepted or denied by the VATUSA Director (or his designee).


I. Refused transfers may be contested by the requesting individual provided a review is requested within 14 days of receipt of notification of the transfer refusal. The review request must be presented to the VATUSA Division Conflicts Resolution Manager (DCRM) for a complete investigation and final ruling.


J. VATUSA controllers who are within the 90 day transfer window are not eligible to apply for visiting controller privileges at the ARTCC to which they wish to transfer with the exception of controllers who applied to be a visiting controller at that facility at least 30 days prior to the transfer request - any other exceptions may only be made in written form by an Air Traffic Director and the receiving Air Traffic Manager. In the event of such a written exception, the Division Director and/or Deputy Director shall be notified.

Bryan Wollenberg


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