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New Membership Director (VATEUD4)

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Quoting VATEUD staff forum.....

I am very happy to welcome Mr Ivan Kovacevic to the position of VATEUD4.


Ivan is a VATSIM Supervisor and member of vACC Serbia&Montenegro. He is a person who is steeping into a position which historically has been very much a behind the scene job, but which is developing into one of our keystone foundations.


Ivan is a person that will bring common sense, communication, statistical and above all cross cultural knowhow into the equation and I am thrilled to welcome him to the team.


At the same time I want to extend a huge gratitude to Thomas who 3 months ago volunteered to take on the VATEUD4 position whilst it was in a period of transition and change and he will now hand over to Ivan and concentrate fully on training matters for VATEUD being ATCO related as we have an announcement to make shortly about a new VATEUD initiative.


Welcome Ivan.


Kind regards


Peter Nielsen


Thomas George

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