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[NOV 02 - 11.] WORLD FLIGHT 2008 is on its way.

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The annual World Flight Event takes place once again during the first week of November2008. Departing from Sydney on November 3rd the group will travel across the Pacific to the USA then down the west coast to South America. From there the group will traverse the South American continent leaving Brazil for the African coast. From Africa we travel up into Europe and then down through Asia arriving back in Australia 7days later on Sunday November 9th.


You will find all the details at http://www.worldflight.com.au/


Please check if you can host ATC during the time the worldflight train runs thru your airspace and give them support. If local ATC is not possible, please accept the temporary lift of guest controller status for the duration of the flight in your area. The ATC officers at the WF ATC Centre in Sydney are all under VATPAC supervision and they guarantee their conduct at all times. It is once again emphasized that any WF ATC officer will stand aside to allow local controllers to operate within their FIR and will offer to support them if required.


And if you have time to join in for a nice controlling or even a flight, don't hesitate.



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Florian Harms

VATSIM Europe Division / DCRM


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With just over seven days to go, the "Seven Deadly Sims" and their teams are working tirelessly to make their simulators ready for the seven day round the world trip for charity.


Go to the group website www.worldflightgroup.com for links and downloads and to http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=6EBHAx2gUJE to see a video explaining what the World Flight Group are about.


Route files for the PMDG, PSS and LDS Flight Simulators will be uploaded before we commence on Monday November 2nd at 2300Z so just grab a plan, plug it in and fly along with us, it really is that easy. ATC is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured for all legs from local controllers and the WF ATC Centre.


Terry Scanlan


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It was a great event as WF2008 flew through Central Africa and the pilots and controllers were awesome. I got a chance to fly along with World Flight from J M NKOMO INTL to ZANZIBAR and had a terrific time! I did not make it to Zanzibar due to my PC freezing up on arrival.


Congrats World Flight!

Best Regards,

Thomas Mathieu

VATAME1 Region Director

VATSIM Africa Middle East


[email protected]


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