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China Eastern Virtual Airlines

Yvan Ung 987353

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With the advent of VATPRC, mainland China has the potential to provide the grounds for a new VA to emerge. China Eastern Virtual Airlines, based on the real-world China Eastern, has one goal in mind: connect the bustling People's Republic of China with the rest of the online world. So, if you want to join us, contact us via


[email protected]


Also, one could choose to pilot CRJ-200s, ERJ145s, MD-90s, B737NGs, A32Xs, A330s and last, but not the least, the Flying Pencil, the A340-600!


We also contemplate the use of SimMiles to re-create real-world schedules and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger loads on the network. Come fly the longest and sharpest flying pencils of the online world at China Eastern Virtual Airlines!


Also, we have the pleasure to announce that Mark Chan will be the COO of CES-VA!




As far as staff go, Online Director, Training Director, Shanghai and Beijing hubs are available for application.


Yvan Ung

Come pilot the longest and sharpest flying pencils of the online world!

China Eastern Virtual

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