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VRC text problems

Yvan Ung 987353

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Here's the thing: when I try issuing instructions via text to a pilot that is not voice-capable, I am unable to type anything in the "chat bar" at the bottom of the VRC window. This really annoys me when I control flights whose pilots have mic problems. However, when I pilot, I can text on UNICOM just fine.


Yvan Ung

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The radio text bar is white and not black?


If you check out the post above you in the known issues thread, could this be your problem:

Windows XP SP2 may be required for ATI video card owners


A small but annoying problem has cropped up with some combinations of ATI video cards with Windows XP. Installing or reinstalling SP2 seems to fix it. The problem is that the text in the command entry line shows up as white with a white background, when it is supposed to have a black background.


Note, this was found to happen on some computers that already had SP2 installed. You may need to re-install SP2. It was found that there was a problem with one of the OpenGL .DLLs. It may have been overwritten in a driver upgrade.


Hope this helps.





PS...If you don't have an ATI graphics card/chipset, let Ross know. This is known to only affect ATI cards/chipsets. If you have a different card, I'm sure Ross would like to know.

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