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No other Planes on Local Map or Radar?

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Also I have the problem that large areas of the world are only covered by water. is there some data abailable on the net which covers all earth terrain?

To get the world sceneries you can either buy them directly at x-plane.com or download the xpsrtm ENV files.


In teh near future teh global scenery for Veraion 8 will be released, but you can use the Version 7 format ones with no problem

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Shouldn't I be able to see other planes (when connected to VATSIM)on the Local Maps as well as on a planes radar screen?

If yes, how?


Yes! You don't have to do anything special. Just be sure you have set the maximum number of aircraft to 10 in the Rendering Options menu. If your aircraft has a modern EFIS you should by all means be able to see tha traces of other traffic. You should also be able to see planes on the ground, the latest version of XSB should provide quite a lot of new models and liveries.

Take care

Mario Pozzetti LISBON

XP-Italia Staff -GoodWay Team


Imagination is more important than knowledge... (Albert Einstein)

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