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IFS (Israeli Flight School) Celebrate 3 years of operation

Nisim Shoval 889092

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Dear virtual pilots




IFS is celebrating 3 years of operation. During these 3 years dozen of virtual pilots certified to be VFR pilots.

As part of the celebration full air traffic control will be available during Sat (8- Nov – 2008)

ATC will operate between 17- 20 Z (19 -22 local time).

You are all welcome to come and fly over Israel with other pilots and instructors. (VFR and IFR flights are available on this event)

Download the English CVFR map of north Israel - http://tomer.ifschool.net/charts/encvfrnorth.pdf

Download the English CVFR map of south Israel - http://tomer.ifschool.net/charts/encvfrsouth.pdf


Be our guest on this celebration

Looking forward to see you all there


Link for the picture http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc252/Shaul5/IFSencopy-1.jpg


For more information contact:

Nisim Shoval Public Relation manager VATIL


[email protected]

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