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Looking for a CEO for VARIG Virtual

Tony Kovacs 958372

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There is a new VARIG Virtual and we are looking for someone to be the new CEO of this Virtual Airline in need of leadership. If you are interested in the position then please apply for this position by sending me a Private Message here. The web site can be found here http://www.varigvirtual.co.nr This VA is fully ready to go with a built in PIREP system and with the backend account all set up.


I have specifically posted this here so that hopefully I can catch the attention of someone in the VATSIM Brazil community that might be interested.


Thank you.

Tony Kovacs

MOVCON - Movement Control Instructor


"Who Cares Who's the Best!"

Until heaven is open 24/7 just waiting for you to screw up this is all just a game.

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