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ZAB FNO Pilot Guide

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Thanks for deciding to partipate in the Albuquerque ARTCC Friday Night Ops featuring KPHX on November 21st from 0100-0500z! Below is a guide to maximize the efficiency of the event, so that the controllers will be able to keep a smooth flow of traffic going, and you get the best possible service into KPHX.




ZAB is asking that you file SIDs and STARs for the Phoenix terminal area. To get preferred routings, please visit www.simroutes.com If you need to find any of the ZAB charts, you may visit http://www.zabartcc.org/controllers/charts.php for them.


If your aircraft is RNAV capable, we are asking that you file the RNAV STARs (EAGUL2 from the Northeast, GEELA2 from the Southwest, KOOLY1 from the Southeast, MAIER2 from the Northwest) for the Phoenix Terminal Area.


We are asking that KPHX departures not file the RNAV departures, because you will have to be rerouted off of them due to traffic flow restrictions.


----Who do I talk to!?----


If you are entering ZAB from another center, the following is a guide to choosing what center controller to call up:


From ZKC: ABQ_15_CTR

From ZFW: north of TXO VOR, ABQ_15_CTR

From ZFW: on or south of TXO VOR, ABQ_42_CTR

From ZHU: ABQ_42_CTR

From ZLA: south of PKE, ABQ_42_CTR

From ZLA: north of PKE, ABQ_43_CTR, or if 43 isn't on, 15_CTR

From ZDV: west of RSK, ABQ_43_CTR, or if 43 isn't on, 15_CTR

From ZDV: east of RSK: ABQ_15_CTR


From the Phoenix Terminal Area:


North of Skyharbor: PHX_A_APP

South of Skyharbor: PHX_Q_APP



Other terminal areas if secondary TRACONs are not on:











This is the number one subject that causes problems with enroute sequencing of aircraft on VATSIM. This is the time of year when the difference between stock winds and "real" winds will be over 100 knots at some altitudes. Because of that huge discrepancy, ZAB is requesting that all pilots disable winds aloft for their FNO flight.


Thanks, I hope you enjoy flying into KPHX!

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Fred Clausen, vZAB ATM

ZAB real life

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Had a CTD, turned out to be a hard drive going bad. Luckily Seagate kicks but, warranty under way, new one being sent, and I keep a spare which is now copied to and running as I type this.


Oh well, maybe next time. lol

John Binner,

System Specs:


CPU: AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 125W AM3+ Eight-Core 4.0GHz

Video: Nvdia 970

Memory: 16GB DDR3

Win10 Pro 64-Bit

P3D v4, PMDG, ActiveSky, GEX, etc.

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