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Hi, here is what I am currently running:


FSX with the update

FSinn 1.3

Active Sky X


My question is do i need to disable the weather option in FSinn to allow for active sky to work or will they cooperate with each other?


If you're going to use an alternate weather, rather than FSInn you will have to disable it. Take a look at the first message in the FSInn Help Forum for specifics on disabling the FSInn Weather.


As mentioned in the sticky, you can disable it on the fly or disable it by default.


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For FSInn/VATSIM issues, please test the FSInn Installation sticky and linked FAQ. It really works!

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Yes you should disable weather in FSinn, and in Active Sky you should select VATSIM-weather.


Comment. When select VATSIM-weather in Active Sky, the basic whether data (e.g. wind and airpressure) that are supported by VATSIM will be downloaded from VATSIM server, while optionally data (e.g. rain/snow) will be downloaded from an other server.


The reason is it's important that all airplane/ATC at VATSIM use same basic whether data.

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