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VATSIM PRC Training Courses & Tutorials for Troubleshoot

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Getting started, have questions, need help troubleshooting, visit the Pilot Resource Center. Answers to most questions that new members have can be found in one of the specific lessons or in the FAQ. This is an excellent library of information that should not be overlooked.


To gain access to the PRC, go to http://www.vatsim.net/prc and use the right side of the screen to create an account. This is not the same system as VATSIM and does not use your VATSIM p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. After entering a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word you would like to use on the PRC, click “Create PRC Accountâ€

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Mike Bevington


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Troubleshooting for SquawkBox 2 (SB2) "VATSIM Software Setup". (Last update: New Software )


New Software

There are two new software SquawkBox 3 (SB3), and FSInn. You can chose one of them or try both. They have same purpose, to be the client software for VATSIM, but different design and some different options.




Please take note, following troubleshoot is for the OLD software SquawkBox 2 (SB2). Nevertheless you might find some general tip.



Troubleshooting SB2

The help is much a summary from common problem and solutions in this forum, however it does not at all cover all issues from this forum.

Some of this troubleshooting make most sense for FS2004 (=FS9) and for XP.


Advise to this link by write: Troubleshooting at http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?p=2262#2262

You can create link to any post by right-click the white-paper-icon at left top.


Search forum

Most problem are more or less common, search forum for your problem might give the quickest answer.


Posting new Topics

Don't hesitate post new topic if you have a problem.

Before you post a new topic, please take just a little time to find where to post it and a Topic Title that make sense so that other people can find right subjects.

When you have start a new topic, please stay at your topic by post "Reply" and don't start new topic as long as you continue at same subject.


When you have solve your problem, it's solved for you but not for all readers. Please reply how you solved your problem.


PRC VATSIM Software Setup

In addition to all troubleshoot, make sure you also have follow the PRC "VATSIM Software Setup" docomeent in all other details. Many problems goes back to the fact that some steps are not proper done. Check the troubleshoot in parallel.




Troubleshoot contains:

1. Requirement.

2. Installation.

3. Empty IP-address. (Can't Join, Squawkbox Search give no result)

4. Squawkbox "SB Host.exe".

5. Anti-virus. (Include Mcafee 'cause SBRelay eat PC memory)

6. Firewall and router.

7. Startup and test applications.

8. Voice problem.

9. Faulty position at Vatsim (Don't see other airplanes. Don't see ATC in Squawkbox directory)

10. Drivers

11. Performance, Other applications/processes, (Problem in general and specific some sound problem)

12. Callsignal problem.

13. FS2004 Multiplayer Sessions SBRelay doesn't show up.

14. Squawkbox critical error icao.dat is missing then csl_icao.csv is missing.

15. Forcefully Rejected.



1. Requirement.

DirectX 9c (or latest) are recommended in this forum. Do following (XP) to check your version: Start-button -> Run, and then after Open enter dxdiag to see your current directX version.



2. Installation.

Squawkbox Install

3. Copy the CSL Folder from FS2002\Aircraft to FS9\Aircraft

Note the the CSL files might be faulty located directly under the root C:\Aircraft after installation. No problem, just copy the CSL files from there instead.



3. Empty IP-address.

When you are asked to leave an edit-field for IP-address empty, that does not work for everybody. If problem, enter even if it say you should leave it empty.


(Notice. Leave empty mean default IP-address usually it should be and that is the same as your local computer.)



4. Squawkbox "SB Host.exe".

If you have problem with Squawkbox, such as crashing. Run FS in a window, and try run the external "SB Host.exe" not the in FS-menu HostSB.dll (some people have problem with HostSB.dll). You start the external by search the file "SB Host.exe" at your harddisk and just run it instead of Host SB in the FS-menu, there no other differences than "SB Host.exe" is not integrated in FS. It's strongly recommended to first try run "SB Host.exe" if you have any kind of problem, HostSB.dll can cause unexpected fail on problem.



5. Anti-virus.

Running any anti-virus during installation or during connected to Vatsim can cause problem. Better scan computer for virus after disconnect. Note that you might need to complete exit, unload service (ok for Symantec), or even need to uninstall the anti-virus application (uninstall seams true for Mcafee). This due to many applications still have hidden processes running even after "turning off". I should say it is safe without real-time protection as long as you don't browse unknown sites of any kind, or you receive e-mail in an unsafe way such as MS-Outlook.



6. Firewall and router.

You need a firewall to protect your computer, else you can get virus usually in some 1-30 minutes, but you can also get it at any moment.


You must open required port in the firewall to connect to Vatsim.


Usually if you have not open ports, you will not find "SBRelay" in the list in FS Multiplayer menu.

If you find SBRelay in the list in FS Multiplayer menu, you probably at least has open some port.


It's a risk to disconnect firewall. But if you take the risk, then disconnect as short you can just to make a short test. Without firewall it's the same as open all ports.


There is a port-test recommend in this forum I have not try myself:


> Dave Wild: Go here http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/source/tcpview.shtml and download TCPView and run it.

> At the very least it will show which ports are open.


Firewalls in computer

XP has build in firewall. Only XP SP2 firewall are correct working with Vatsim. If you don't intend to use the XP SP2 firewall, then turn it off after you have installed an other firewall.


"ZoneAlarm" is recommended in this forum. Take note of version. From forum:

> Dave Weese: If it is ZoneAlarm, go get the free update patch.

> http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/free/rapidDeploy/press/2004/pr_27.html


> Martin Georg: All other 5.x versions other than the latest are NOT compatible with our software.


> Lukas Rogotz: juppieee!!!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy I've got a connection!! i've installed the

> new ZoneAlarm patch (2.12.04), started SBRelay,and then FS9, new Multiplayer

> Session...and there it was--- "A connection to SBRelay"


Also to check in ZoneAlarm:

> Dave Weese: You have to be on version 5.5 and make sure you have the sliders set at Med.

> And make sure its set to ask you what programs you want to let out to the net when they try

> to access the net.


Firewalls in routers

Note that also some Modem (typical ADSL multi-user modem), might have firewall since they work as a router.


If you do have and want use firewall in router/modem, then turn XP and any other firewall off in your computer.


Note that typical you should edit "Virtual server" in routers, not necessary "Firewall". Many routers use the name "Virtual server" to open ports with the most easy rules. While "Firewall" is more complex setup.



Router D-LINK DI-604 setting. (=DI-624 but not wireless)

Following description might however help for any kind of routers.


In addition to all port setting, I set "UPnP disable" and it have help others to a stable connection.


I don't know exactly what setting is required, however my setting works for me.



Vatsim doc say:

6809 - for Squawkbox TCP/UDP

6703 for SBRelay (if Used) TCP/UDP

1900/6073/23456 for Direct Play UDP


In addition the AVC support write about:

UDP port 3290 and 3782.



If you have a router or firewall, try forwarding the following ports to your PC's internal IP address (see above for help locating your PC's internal IP, see your router or firewall's manual for help with forwarding ports):


* TCP 47624

* UDP 2300 to 2400

* UDP 6073



In addition to this chocolatesoftware I recommend only use DMZ (DeMillitaryZone) as last solution, since it might open most ports for selected computer.


I set most ports to be sure.


My first most general setting works.

DI-604 setting "Virtual Server". "Both" means TCP and UDP.

Protocol Type, Public Port.

Both, 6809.

Both, 6703.

UDP, 1900.

UDP, 6073.

UDP, 23456.

UDP, 3290.

UDP, 3782.



The D-LINK DI-604 doc say:

"Some applications require multiple connections, such as Internet gaming,

video conferencing, Internet telephony and others. These applications

have difficulties working through NAT (Network Address Translation).

Special Applications makes some of these applications work with the



So however anyway I tried and now use a second different setting.

Note, all "Virtual Server" above is first removed or disabled.

I suppose 6703 for SBRelay (if Used) should be used as trigger.

For FS2002 probably 6809 should be used as trigger.

DI-604 setting "Advanced Application".

Trigger Port: 6703- (Only from 6703. No interval given)

Trigger Type: Both

Public Ports: 6809,6703,1900,6073,23456,3290,3782

Public Type: Both



Other link help, easy step-by-step instruction for a lot of routers, Tamas Bulejsza wrote: http://www.portforward.com



7. Startup and test applications.

Get ServInfo if you haven't already, all Vatsim pilots use it: http://www.avsim.com/hangar/utils/servinfo


Check in ServInfo at page "Network Servers" for a reliable fast connection to Vatsim. Best server depend on your internet connection location. Use this for squawkbox and for the AVC "Authorization Server". While you can not select the AVC voice server manual, it's automatic selected depending of the current ATC connection.


Startup sequence (FS2004)

a) Start SBRelay.exe

b) Start FS and start the FS multiplayer, then a FS flight.

c) Start "SB Host.exe" (or HostSB.dll if it work OK).

d) Start squawkbox.exe .

e) Start AVC.exe (If first time you run it. Else it should start automatically).


Other link help:

FS2002: http://free.pages.at/zapgroup/checklist/chklstfs2k2onlineflightREV02.doc

FS2004: http://free.pages.at/zapgroup/checklist/chklstfs2k4onlineflightREV00.doc



After connect first time, do check at Vatsim Visual Display or ServInfo that your position is correct. You can also check Vatsim "Who's online" to see if you are at the server at all. It might take a minute (or some minutes for ServInfo) after connect, before you appear. For ServInfo you must reload data manual (Vatsim-button) to refresh the display, while Vatsim Visual Display is updated automatically in interval.



8. Voice problem.

Try first to select the AVC sound option "Wave" if you haven't already, it solve most problems.


Don't forget there is a 'Press to talk Key' used in AVC.



9. Faulty position at Vatsim (Don't see other airplanes. Don't see ATC in Squawkbox directory)

Check in ServInfo or at Vatsim Visual Display for your position. You can also check Vatsim "Who's online" to see if you are at the server at all. It might take a minute after connect, before you appear.


Make sure you have the FSUIPC, by check that the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Modules\FSUIPC.dll exist.

(Note Windows Explorer (XP) -> Tools -> Folder options -> View -> "Show hidden files and folders" must be selected, and "Hide extension for known filetypes" better unselected, to show dll-files.)


If you are in faulty position then check following:


Make sure Squawkbox is registered in FSUCIP. Else you might be in zero position in Accra FIR, close to Africa.


In Flight Simulator, go to menu -> modules -> FSUIPC and then register the application.

3. Click ‘Register an application program’

4. Enter this code and click ‘OK’

Program name Squawkbox


Note: It is the letter “Iâ€

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/ Lennart Vedin / vedinat.png910701.png

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Thanks again Lennart. I am glad we had a chance to exchange emails.


For our new members:

I want to reinforce the importance for new members to get on the PRC and take advantage of lessons available to ease the transition to flying on a network. We have about 90 people on an average day who log into the PRC to get information.


Mike Bevington

Mike Bevington


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Hi there, can someone please please plaese help me. I've been at this ALL day and it's not driven me mad and the PC is about to go out the window. I've installed and followed every instruction to install all the thrid party software i/e squawk Box etc etc and still I cannot get it working. Every time I put my ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word in, it tells me it's wrong or i'm not logged in to VATSIM. Now unless I'm being really thick....I must be logged on with my id and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word to post something on here.......right? Now I know someone is going to tell me I'm wrong, but I can't find what the problem is and now I'm mad well not that mad but you know what I mean. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP?????


Thanks people!

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Make sure that you have a valid callsign and all other

feilds are correct


Once SB is runing, hit 'alt' 'file' 'mulitplayer'

Fill in u name

click 'tcp-ip' to higligt it

click 'Search'

click on 'sqarkBox' in the lower left pane

click ' join'


My install went thru with NO probs at all




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This is all the software u need


It includes a handy application that shows u where the active ATC's are around the whole world


extract all files to a new folder (called, say, sb)


make sure Flight Sim is NOT running


run the install Squawk box application


look in the ServInfo folder for the servInfo app. double click it

this will bring up servInfo application


make sure u r online ( ie internet connection is active)

clik [file] [download data] [ VATSIM]

the 'map' tab will let u see the whole world's traffic. ( hint .click the globe icon to zoom out to the whole world)

leave servInfo runing if u wish


wen u start up flight sim now, you will have a new menu item when u hit the [alt] key


hit [alt ] click [modules] [start squawkbox]


if u get this far... u're nearly there !!


reply post if u have any more probs with the installation



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Be sure your VATSIM email address is correct because that is the address the email will be sent to.


lol I wish I'd read that BEFORE I'd clicked "Create Account"


I've changed ISP's since signing up for VATSIM and hence emails as well. So I can't log on to the PRC or get the confirmation email resent. lol im such a newb Sent an email to [email protected] asking for the account to be reset and been constantly rechecking email since I sent it (25 hrs and 10mins now ) . In the email I wrote what happened and gave my pilot ID.


1] Is that enough information in the email for the resetting of the account?


2] How long can I expect to wait for PRC admin to get the email and respond? (lol I know it sounds sad but I'm itching to get in and devour all the info I can )


I'm not upset at VATSIM or PRC or anything like that, just can't wait to get started



Matthew Mann


Aviation Wisdom - Keep thy airspeed up, lest the ground cometh from below and smite thee.

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1] Is that enough information in the email for the resetting of the account?


2] How long can I expect to wait for PRC admin to get the email and respond? (lol I know it sounds sad but I'm itching to get in and devour all the info I can )


1. Yes the information supplied was fine.


2. It can vary. I live in Australia, so there is a major time difference to most members if I am answering emails. Also on weekends I would expect my fellow support team to spend time with families so it may take a little longer than usual. I would suggest waiting 24 hours at a minimum, before getting worried, and a second email will usually see the problem sorted.

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I am not the greatest with computers. My problem is, whenever i try to intsall squawkbox or FSInn the program does not recongize my FS2004 or it says the copy is not valid. If anywone could help me it would greatly be apreciated.


Run fs9tool.exe from http://flightsim.apollo3.com .


Check the announcement: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=20466 .


-- L. James



L. D. James

[email protected]



  • Not a regular post, but a special
thread/message stuck to the top with special meaning… containing important forum information.


For FSInn/VATSIM issues, please test the FSInn Installation sticky and linked FAQ. It really works!

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the PRC is perfect , it cover all the topic needed to fly in VATSIM netwrok

but i still have a question : when i make a IFR flight plan i use the FS9 flight planner to give me the VORtoVOR or High to High waypoints , and the answer for 80 % of ATC is its not valid , so i search in many websites that provide vaild routes like sim-routes.com , and i get the route but the question is : how can i install this route into the GPS or export it to FS9 as a flight plan so i can load it using the flight planner in FS9


thank you

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