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Voice becomes garbled over time

Nicholas Bartolotta 912967

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Nicholas Bartolotta 912967

Hi all,


I recently got fed-up with my Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi audio card because it had terrible issues with microphone volume (too low) and after some research I learned it was just a generally second-rate sound card that notoriously had issues with microphone volume. So over the weekend I pulled it out and reactivated my onboard sound card (Realtek Audio, 7.1 Channel Support).


I've got the microphone volume issue resolved now so I'm no longer quiet, but I have noticed a new issue crop up. I actually remember it also happening a few years back before I got the Creative sound card, and can't remember how I fixed it.


Basically, I'll be working an ATC position, and after maybe an hour or so, suddenly pilots will be unable to hear me, and report my transmissions broken, static and garbled. I've found that if I go into VRC's Audio Settings and switch from Wave to Direct Sound, just in the Microphone portion of the Audio Settings, and click Apply, it fixes the problem.


However, then it seems like 20-30 minutes later, the same thing happens. So I do the same thing, and switch it back to Wave from Direct Sound. Problem solved. Then again, 10-15 minutes later, and same fix for it, just switching it back, and then when it happens again, back to the other way, and so forth. It might be my imagination but it seems initially all is fine, then the problem starts, and continuously gets worse and worse (shorter time span inbetween needing to switch back/forth) as the night goes on.


I should note when this happens I do NOT have Skype, Teamspeak or any other VOIP program open on my computer that I know of. I'm operating on Windows XP and using a Linksys router. Any help is appreciated!

Nick Bartolotta - ZSE Instructor, pilot at large


"Just fly it on down to within a inch of the runway and let it drop in from there."

- Capt. Don Lanham, ATA Airlines

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