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voice repeats itself?

Ernesto Alvarez 818262

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ok this is a new one for me. didnt have this problem on my old laptop or the PC.


on the new laptop i got (not really new, just repair) my transmissions go through very choppy, i even notice when i record my atis, on the playback its choppy.


i noticed something tho, when i monitor another controller, all the transmissions tend to repeat themselves, not like an echo, but as a full repeat of the transmission that just went through. im not sure if this is part of the problem with my transmissions going through so chopped up or if its a separate issue itself


i have a USB headset, thought that was the problem, connected directly to the jacks on the laptop, same happens


any ideas? went through the VRC forums, and this one, didnt notice any similar reports.


Laptop is a Compaq Presario

Sound - Soundmax Digital

RAM - 500mb

Windows XP

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