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Problem with Xsquawkbox and vatsim

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I'm running x-plane 9.22rc3 with Xsquawkbox 1.0.2. and i had no problems connecting until now. I've been at KJFK and KDFW and their is always some aircraft there. but now when I connect I don't see any aircraft. It does tell me i'm connected. I relayed a message on unicom (122.80) and got no response. The odd thing is when I normally change freq. it will tell me connected to voice, ect., but I haven't seen any message the only message I see when connecting is the word connecting and I thought there was more info displayed when connecting. At first I thought it was this antivirus free trial from pc tools or malbytes anti mailware but, i uninstall them both and still semm to have problem. I also have Norten running but Xsquawkbox always worked with it. I really don't know what's going on. Is Vatsim having any problems? I did notice when I was at the main page I clicked on the atc online to see if any controllers were at jfk & dfw but when i clicked it said page not found. So can anyone can tell me if the problem i'm having is Vatsim or on my end.



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USA-SE is unavailable right now. You should maintain a list of several servers. If your machine used to connect just fine, but you're suddenly unable to reach a server...chances are it's an issue with that server ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming your net connection is healthy in general). Simply try another server.


Edit: Sorry, I should've suggested a specific server. Thx Wade (next reply).

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Hey Wade

If your the same person I'm thinking you are that's answering my questions over at x-plane.org, then sorry for having you answer twice. I'm new to on line flying and I don't know how to go about changing servers.

In the connection box all I have listed is usa-se and the server number that I was using.


Keith, where do I get a hold of list of these servers.


Thank you very much for the help

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Heres the server list, hope it helps.



EUROPE-E2 Poland

OCEANIA Melbourne, Australia

UK-1 England UK

USA-S3 Texas, USA

USA-SE Beaufort, SC USA

USA-W San Francisco, USA

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Yep - one and the same.


The XSquawkBox client currently only lists "Recent Servers" to which you've currently connected. So if you've only connected to one, only one will be available. That's something I plan to fix in the near future.


However, for now, just type "usa-w.vatsim.net" or "usa-s3.vatsim.net" (without the quotes) into the server field of the connection dialog box. That will get you connected and add those servers to your "recent servers" list.


The "Servers" link on the vatsim homepage is currently broken.


You can get a list of servers from:




However, completely ignore any stats you see on that page. It's is no longer being updated and was last updated in December. However, the server names/addresses are still valid.

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