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First off I would like to say I think this program is awesome, My Flight Sim 2004 was collecting dust before i heard about VATSIM, flying alone in agame isnt so much fun. Ive been glancing at the Pilot reference pages on proper phraseology so I am still learnin. I was wondering if there was anyone that might be able to tutor me in learning proper ATC protocol for requesting clearnances and whatnot, and perhaps some piloting skills and being able to manuever around the tarmac and lastly being able to file a proper flight report(I understand most of just the abbreviations for the Route and how I list it). my callsign is D2381, so if u happen to hear me on the radio, please go easy on me lol




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First of all - Welcome to Vatsim!


Most controllers are extremely willing to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist new pilots. That is one thing that you will find great about Vatsim.


As for pilot training, there are numerous ARTCC- and Division-sponsored training programs (ZLA has a popular one).

Brian Beach

VatsimPHP Developer: http://www.bbflights.com/VatsimPHP/

AFA Detroit Hub Director: http://www.flyafa.com/


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Thank you, yes they are very helpful, I just feel that if I bother them with newbie questions it distracts them from their task. I will definately look into the training program you mentioned. I am more of a person that can learn someone by teachin rather than reading. I know now how to obtain a flightplan through MS2004 I just dont know which sections i list in my report and how to word it under the route section

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The best way to start off is sitting at a busy airport and observe communications for a bit. After you get a little flavor for it, go to a staffed, but not super busy airport and give it a go. I remember my 1st time it was aweful...but the controllers helped me and after 2-3 tried, I got it down pretty good and it only got better with time. The best thing you can do to make sure you have a successful first couple of flights is to pick a plane you know how to fly well. As a controller, that is what I'm more concerned about then proper phraseology. Can you fly an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned heading, Hold an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned altitude, can you fly a visual approach or an ILS? If you are able to do at least these basics, I think you're off to a good start for flying online. Another tip, is to make sure you have a s[Mod - lovely stuff] piece of paper, so you can write down your clearances if you can remember things that quick...I found myself doing this a lot at first, but after I learned the pattern, I knew what to expect and I found myself not having to do that after a bit. There is nothing wrong with putting "newbie" in your Comments as well.


The ZLA program is a great one...I'm only up to I-4 myself (need to do more just been busy )


Hope this helps a little. Welcome to VATSIM!!!

Tommy Rogers, C-3


ZMA Controller

Vatsim Supervisor

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lol star ship enterprise....do u have any links to trusted websites that have good plane add-ons, the few that ive tried so far are poorly made


What kind of aircraft are you looking for?





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well really no preference just something different from the default aircraft, I like vintage planes and military aircraft


Generally, people fly commercial planes on VATSIM. And it seems like just starting out, handling a very realistic 737NG and trying to get your ATC procedures right may be a tad much for now. I would suggest "The 737 experience" from www.avsim.net. It's freeware but it's really high quality for freeware. And sitting at a staffed, fairly busy airport just listening and watching planes is a great idea. Try to get a feel for talking with them so you don't get the very common real-world "Mic Fright". I hope this has helped. Further questions? Feel free to send me a PM on these forums. :]


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