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Trouble Receiving Voice

Ryan Donahue 1089128

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Hi Ryan,


For a while I had been having the same problem.


But well tooling around with some of the settings it stopped happening.


I'm still not exactly sure what I must have done but maybe try fiddeling around with it.


Best Luck.


Regards M8,

Graeme Herbert

Chief Executive Officer

Jet Canada Airwaysl

"On your journey through life, make sure your biography has one extraordinary chapter"

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I am having this problem now. I am running VRC on the mac through Windows 7 on Parallels. Anyone know a fix

For me (VRC on XP on Parallels), the solution was to run the VM in bridged mode, and forward 3290 UDP to my VM from my NAT router. Alternatively, if you're running the VM under Parallels' NAT in addition to the NAT from your edge router, add the port forward to both places. Every time you add a NAT router, incoming traffic (without a previous outbound connection to establish a channel) needs a forward through the router so that it knows where to send the spontaneously arriving traffic.


VMware's solution is to muck with timeout settings that get clobbered on upgrades, but with Parallels, the above has worked reliably for me for many months now, and I used to have the problem all the time prior to my simple port forward.



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