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[Announcement] Bahraini FIR now operational!

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Dear Friends, Pilots and Controllers,


It is with my pleasure to announce the start of the Vatsim Bahraini FIR within the Middle East! We are one of the newest FIRs within the region, and we hope that with our presence, traffic levels will increase at our main airports. These are, Bahrain OBBI and Doha OTBD.


Currently we are looking for new controllers, that are enthusiastic about providing air traffic with 5* ATC coverage. If you would like to be a part of the VATBAH controller team, visit the website below to apply.


Finally, Our website is also now online. Please visit it to find out more information.




Thanks for reading

Josh Rice

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Thanks guys, although unfortunately we have had no atc applications, so waiting for them really!




Give it some time and the ATC will come. We started a growing Division with just a few controllers to start. Patience, persistance and sometimes good luck is all it takes. Staff your popular positions with regularity, and your traffic and ATC roster will grow.


I started developement the Kano FIR on January 30th, and since recruited 2 C1's and an S3.

Best Regards,

Thomas Mathieu

VATAME1 Region Director

VATSIM Africa Middle East


[email protected]


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