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Im searching for a sector map of Germany

Yarden Antebi 933853

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Hi Yarden,


I found this docomeant on the frequencys and sector names on the eurocontrol page (http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/publicuser/public/pu/login.jsp): ED_ENR_3_7_en.pdf


And there are maps for German stations on this website, I think this is very complete: http://www.aviascan.de/en/gr_sectors.htm


Germany Radar is developed in cooperation with DFS so the sectors should be real.


I hope this helps!

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Eurocontrol isn't directly affiliated with VATSIM at all. It's just an organization that has an online library of charts, which can be used, among other people, by VATSIM pilots when they fly.


You can read their Privacy Policy (guaranteeing the data you provide upon registration is kept confidential), which might help you make a decision whether to register or not. I have to admit, though - it's a great place for finding free, high quality, up-to-date charts of European airports and FIRs

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Wow. That's a lot of centers!


Germany is only 1/3 again as big as Colorado (a U.S. state). Pilots must be switching frequencies every 2 minutes.


LOL David, not... exactly


Colorado: 269.601 km²

Germany: 357.104 km²


EDIT: 1 square mile = 2.59 km², what I found so far.


And if you take a closer look, it is not that much anyway. 86 ACC Sectors, 30 Arrival / Departure Sectors and 9 Flight Information Service Sectors (I left the military sectors out).


Additionally, especially München UAC, Rhein Radar and Maastricht Radar have many vertically split sectors, so you won't change that often (It's all the sectors with the same Name, just another suffix (Rhein: LE / HE / TE / ME, Maastricht: / High, München f.e. ALPU and ALPT)).


How much Sectors does Colorado have?


EDIT2: Maybe I got you wrong... again as big = 1/3 larger? Newexpression to me

Anyway, not as much sectors (laterally) as it seems

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