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headset, newb question

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It depends on whether FSINN or SquawkBox will recognize the button built into the headset. If you're LOOKING for a headset that is known to have a compatible PTT key, then I can't help you there. I've never heard, seen of, or used a headset with a KEY, let alone a headset that will work with VATSIM clients. If you find one, by all means, please share your discovery with us! I'm sure there are simmers just waiting to get their hands on it!


Michael Hess

ZMP Webmaster

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So just to be clear, everyone presses an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned keyboard button down, when they transmit audio....correct?


Thanks again...


Correct. You can also programme a mouse button if there's enough buttons on your mouse to ensure it doesn't conflict with anything else you need it to do.

Ruth McTighe

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Now not a VATanything

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