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Addition of two new radar modes?

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I don't really like doing this, but, desperation drives you to dark places .


I would like to ask if it is possible that two new radar modes are included, both of which are used by NATS in the UK, which provide enroute and terminal control throughout the country. They currently use two radar "blips", one is used by Area controllers, and the other is used by Terminal and Approach Radar controllers, which serve Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick, and all of the major airports in the UK. We have Park Air mode which is brilliant for the independent airports, but the largest ones are not represented on VRC


I don't think it would be a huge job, I hope it isn't - but here examples can be found of what the "blips" look like, and how the tags work - here are some videos:




Of course, in those videos, aircraft's callsigns are hidden through being replaced by the squawk code only - unidentified aircraft will only show a squawk code btw.


The + is a PSR return, and the X is the SSR return on the Terminal Control "asterix" symbol.

RG is ground speed.


There is a more detailed description within this thread:



Hope it's possible!

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As an addition, the Parkair mode in VRC gets close, but does not properly simulate the intention codes, if somebody could get the intention codes to work, then it would be excellent. (Either Euroscope or VRC);


For airports inside the UK Parkair works correctly- the last two letters of the ICAO are shown,

For flights to the Dublin area (EIDW and nearby) DW is shown for the intention code,

For flights to/near Amsterdam AM is shown,

For flights into the Brussels TMA EB is shown,

For all other flights, intention codes are shown depending upon the point of exit of the London FIR;



In any event, the main differences are for terminal screens (ie TMA and APP);

Primary radar returns (mode standby) show a +

ModeC and primary shows a star *

The trails alternate between a circle and diamond and are orange.



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The new area screens, and older TMA screens are slightly different too (see the pics posted by Matt Hardman for a comparison).


It would also be amazing if when the pilot selects mode standby on the ground, it shows as standby, but when they keep it selected in the air, it shows a Mode S return instead, so the callsign/squawk and then"----" where the altitude would be etc.


Edit: I have photographs of the "real" Park Air mode if it would help in completing the project, and making VRC better than it already is.

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