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Have you flown into the French Islands recently?

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We all know the Eastern Caribbean is a great place to fly. The Piarco FIR boasts quite a few great airports. However, there is more to see than JUST TBPB. Excellent Payware scenery is available for the two french islands: TFFR (Gaudeloupe) and TFFF (Martinique)!:


TFFR: http://secure.simmarket.com/france-vfr-la-guadeloupe.phtml


TFFF: http://secure.simmarket.com/france-vfr-martinique.phtml


Even better: TFFR boasts the LONGEST RUNWAY in the entire Caribbean at 11,500 feet! Both airports feature ILS approaches and challenging terrain.


Both airports are staffed each and every day. Please fly in and help discover the hidden wonders of the Caribbean!

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