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USA-S1 server at end of life

Mike Evans

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Mike Evans

Good Day all,


usa-s1.vatsim.net has reached the end of its useful life, and is being retired.


All services that were on this server have been relocated elsewhere, and anyone using dns should be automatically redirected to the new locations.


However, even after the DNS switch, it appears that some web site and/or programs have used the IP address of the server directly ( Please be advised that any site or program using this IP address will cease to function when the server is shut down in the very near future.


To help alleviate this problem in the future, some new domain aliases have been created.


The two functions we are still seeing on the old box are the status.txt file for DataFeed download, and METAR information.


The new location for the status file will be http://status.vatsim.net This location will always point to the correct server to download the status file, please make a note of it.


For METARs the new URL going forward will be http://metar.vatsim.net/ICAO


So for KLAX, you would go to http://metar.vatsim.net/KLAX


If you have any questions, please let me know. All the necessary changes to DNS have already been made, and only sites/programs that hardcoded the IP address will have problems. If your METARs are all from April 2nd, your site is broken.


The old server will be turned off VERY VERY SOON, so please make the necessary changes ASAP!


Thanks for you patience and understanding as we seek to standardize access methods so this does not happen again..

Mike Evans

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