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Local Un-Offical EVENT! (VHHH) on Thursday 28/07

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Timothy Kan (992) controller 1 in HK. He controls HKG_V_CTR and VHHH_V_APP mostly, is leaving us to go to Seattle


We, as hong kong ATC, are planning a farewell party for him on thursday and also we will control. It will be (FULLY STAFFED)


SO, if you are FREE, join as ATC or Pilot, enjoy the fun of Vitrual FLYING!!!!


PLZ COME on THURSDAY. THX to you all

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Michael Chow

Hong Kong VACC

Controller 1



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Dear mates:


This event would be a farewell party to our ATC, Timothy Kan in Hong Kong FIR...

And it would be an local event inside Hong Kong FIR...

ie..Other FIRs may not be staffed and they are not notified yet...


Although this event is an unofficial one, but there would be 4 or more controllers

who will be going to cyber cafe and taking control...


It would be a familiarization event for both controllers and pilots...

Pilots can be familiar with our local procedures...

so that they can have a better idea during the regional event in 6/8...


Have a nice flight ...and keep our skies busy...Thanks!



Gary Law

Controller 3 in Hong Kong FIR



Gary Law

Hong Kong VACC Chief , VATSEA

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