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48 States Bonanza Tour (VFR)

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Hi folks!

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now and finally decided to plan it all out and actually do it. The whole idea is to visit 48 states (AK and HI are not included), making consecutive VFR flights with one landing in each state. I'm starting and finishing the trip in Oshkosh, WI. Below is a list of legs I'm planning on. For the most part, I've selected the airports more or less randomly, so they are subject to change. Estimated trip length is ~7500nm, with legs anywhere from 70 to 250nm. I will be saving the flight each time between the flights and loading it to continue with the next leg with the amount of fuel and other parameters saved from the end of the previous flight. I will be filling the tank full when there will be not enough fuel to complete the next leg.


1. KOSH (WI) - KIQG (IL) - http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=3505306

2. KIGQ (IL) - KGSH (IN) - http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=3505865

3. KGSH (IN) - KJXN (MI) - http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=3510604

4. KJXN (MI) - KBJJ (OH) - http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=3566251

5. KBJJ (OH) - KLHV (PA)

6. KLHV (PA) - KMGJ (NY)

7. KMGJ (NY) - KRUT (VT)

8. KRUT (VT) - KWVL (ME)

9. KWVL (ME) - KLCI (NH)

10. KLCI (NH) - KBAF (MA)

11. KBAF (MA) - KUUU (RI)

12. KUUU (RI) - KOXC (CT)

13. KOXC (CT) - KSMQ (NJ)

14. KSMQ (NJ) - KGED (DE)

15. KGED (DE) - KDMW (MD)

16. KDMW (MD) - KCKB (WV)

17. KCKB (WV) - KLYH (VA)

18. KLYH (VA) - KSVH (NC)

19. KSVH (NC) - KGRD (SC)

20. KGRD (SC) - KBHC (GA)

21. KBHC (GA) - KTLH (FL)

22. KTLH (FL) - KBFM (AL)

23. KBFM (AL) - KSTF (MS)

24. KSTF (MS) - KHZD (TN)

25. KHZD (TN) - KEHR (KY)

26. KEHR (KY) - KFAM (MO)

27. KFAM (MO) - KBVX (AR)

28. KBVX (AR) - KMLU (LA)

29. KMLU (LA) - KTRL (TX)

30. KTRL (TX) - KWWR (OK)

31. KWWR (OK) - KGCK (KS)

32. KGCK (KS) - KALS (CO)

33. KALS (CO) - KFMN (NM)

34. KFMN (NM) - KGCN (AZ)

35. KGCN (AZ) - KMLF (UT)

36. KMLF (UT) - KBAM (NV)

37. KBAM (NV) - KSVE (CA)

38. KSVE (CA) - KRDM (OR)

39. KRDM (OR) - KMWH (WA)

40. KMWH (WA) - KSZT (ID)

41. KSZT (ID) - KHLN (MT)

42. KHLN (MT) - KGEY (WY)

43. KGEY (WY) - KCDR (NE)

44. KCDR (NE) - KPIR (SD)

45. KPIR (SD) - KJMS (ND)

46. KJMS (ND) - KHCD (MN)

47. KHCD (MN) - KCID (IA)

48. KCID (IA) - KOSH (WI)




I'll be using the beautiful Dreamfleet Beech A36 Bonanza and I'm planning on using FSacars for self-statistics to be able to provide full information on flight hours and used fuel after the whole thing is over. I'll be also posting screenshots (where available) and vataware tracks.


The callsign for all the flights will be N920GL.


It's hard to tell beforehand when I will be making each flight, depends on my own mood as well as the weather, and I'm not going to plan the departure days prior - I'll just go ahead and fly the next leg when I have time to do it. So I'm not sure if it will be possible to make some group flights, but that would sure be awesome.


Statistics so far

Flights flown: 4 of 48

Total airborne time: 2:59

Total distance flown: 469nm

Total fuel used: 271lbs



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38. KSVE (CA) - KRDM (OR)

39. KRDM (OR) - KMWH (WA)

40. KMWH (WA) - KSZT (ID)


Very cool! For your #38-40 trips, I'll do my best to keep an eye out and if I see you online and have time, I'll be sure to give you some ATC!

Nick Bartolotta - ZSE Instructor, pilot at large


"Just fly it on down to within a inch of the runway and let it drop in from there."

- Capt. Don Lanham, ATA Airlines

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