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Groupflight Sunday

Broder Illing 812400

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Hi there,


again my apologies for last Sunday. You where fully staffed and we couldn't go...


anyway for this Sunday 9 Pilots have already stated that they intend to come so we are up for our next leg to Antalya.


Takeoff might be slightly delayed so I think anything between 19:00 and 19:30 GMT and would be happy

to have some Quality ATC again








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I concur Broder. I don't think I have heard #4 in the taxi queue at LLBG before!

so you havent visited in our big events

try the next one 6 hours of full atc. 27.8.05 (detalis on vatsim flyin forum)


Glad to hear you enjoyed.

good luck in you fly around the world


Or Netzer


Internal public relation manager

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