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ACSim Not Acknowleging Situation Files

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I haven't been able to load ACSim since my initial thread on problems running it. Since that thread, I've moved into a new house and also completely reformatted the hard drives on two computers.


I tried again last night to run ACSim, and this time I suppose there was a slight improvement. I'm now able to load sector files without any error messages. The all-time major setback right now is that after trying to get situation files to load, the program will lock up for a little bit, then return to the same screen I had just prior to loading the situation file.


On another note, with ACSim's apparent incompatibility with Windows 7, would it be possible to get a team together (or get someone to do this solo) to develop something new? I feel bad because I don't know any programming languages other than HTML/PHP/MySQL, and I know this is a lot to ask for, but it is a critical part of many divisional training programs.

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I understand the new version of Euroscope will solve all our problems! The current version provides a simulator front end for the trainer but the students have to connect to the instructor's IP address which is not always possible. I believe the new version will connect to the sweatbox server - I'm certainly eagerly awaiting it.


(Of course student's can use any radar client)

Mike Pike


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I had ACSim working on the 32bit Beta Version Windows 7, but in the same postion as you with 64bit Release candidate. What version are you running?




I should clarify that a little bit. I'm running Windows XP 32-bit, and it hasn't worked in a very long time. Two other training staff members are also experiencing the same problem.

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