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Ground Sweatbox

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"Ground Sweatbox file" - what do you mean by this? From what I understand ACSIM does not support ground traffic, only airbourne traffic. By "Ground Sweatbox file" do you mean generating an aircraft situation file or an airport layout file (TWR Trainer only). You can use my program to edit aircraft situation files... Aircraft Situation Editor. Version 1.2 is to b e released soon.





Craig Phillips


Senior Student - UK South East - Mentor

Developer: Aircraft Situation Editor (ASE)

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Hey Earvie,


It takes a bit of work but it is worth it. I've created them for four fields in ZDV so far. Take a look at the KBTV example in the TWRTrainer directory (if it's in there). Otherwise, you can view the details on how to create those files on the TWRTrainer website. I don't want to release the URL on the forums since it's not to be given out to non-training staff people. Since you're a mentor, your TA should be able to provide you with the link. E-mail me for some example airport and aircraft files if you'd like to see some. (harold[at]denartcc.org).

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