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Washtington State VFR Charts

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Lately, I've found myself being attracted to flying VFR in Washtington State. Problem is, I havent been able to find any good and free VFR charts of Washtington state. I've used airnav/skyVector but there problem there is that it's digital and that it costs money to but the Charts where as I can get free VFR charts of really any place in Europe. Does anyone know a good website where I can get my hands on a few VFR charts of the Seattle area?


Thanks a lot!

"What comes up must come down"

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SkyVector.com is free - but yes, it is digital unfortunately. I don't know of anything free that is tangible/paper product.


Glad you like the Pacific Northwest area, hope to see you on sometime while I'm on ATC!

Nick Bartolotta - ZSE Instructor, pilot at large


"Just fly it on down to within a inch of the runway and let it drop in from there."

- Capt. Don Lanham, ATA Airlines

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