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VFR in Australia?

Michael Wolf 973921

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In Australia, they host weekly VFR fly-ins which are VERY succesful (around 20-30 pilots),

you can email vfrevents(at)vatpac.org for more info,

and to subscribe to the VFR events (the subscription email every week will contain flight details, scenery etc.) click here

The latest info kit can be downloaded here

I actually don't know where you can find VFR rules etc..

A VFR clearance would be like cleared to ---, at (altitude) VFR, squawk ----, departure frequency ---.---

At least thats how I learned it

New York ARTCC

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Hello Michael,


You may want to have a look at the resources on www.vatpac.org where there is a guide for pilots flying in procedural airspace, and another for operating out of or into uncontrolled aerodromes and controlled airspace (under FOR PILOTS, click Manuals and Guides) and there's also some material walking pilots through example flights.


I believe the airspace cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] rules are the same, also, we don't have cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B in Australia. Transition is at 10,000ft/FL110 (as opposed to FL180 in the US). There are phraseology differences, but nothing you won't have encountered if you've flown outside the US before (being told to "line up and wait", for instance, or the requirement to get an explicit clearance to cross a runway).


Also, if you're going to fly VFR down south, you will most definitely want the VOZ scenery from http://www.vistaoz.org/ which is a big file at about 600MB but is easily one of the best freeware scenery packages out there and well worth the download.


Hope to see you down here soon!

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