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IFR charts now available from AVSIM file library

David Wilson-Okamura 91149

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I don't know how these compare with the ATS route chart on Vatil.org, but perhaps someone will find them useful:


Israel IFR Charts


Contains three charts for IFR flying to and within Israel: low-level, high-level, and Tel Aviv terminal area. Charts are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) and have been cropped to fit Israel and its immediate environs on one sheet of paper. Source: Europe/North Africa/Middle East (ENAME) enroute charts L-16, H-13, and T-2, supplied online by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.


Filename: israelifrcharts.zip

License: Freeware

Added: 7th August 2005

Downloads: 117

Author: David Wilson-Okamura

Size: 10178kb


David Wilson-Okamura (N26TC or EFS396)

Flight Simulator Tour of Japan http://www.virgil.org/dswo/fs/japantour

More Places to Fly http://virgil.org/dswo/fs/japantour/moreideas.htm

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