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FS9 won't run; Windows Vista 32Bit

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Today I headed to the store to buy a fresh copy of FS9 for my Macbook Pro. I run Windows Vista Business 32 Bit via Bootcamp. After having removed my prior version of FS9, that was running on XP before I upgraded to Vista, I installed the new copy. There were no problems with the installation, and everything went well. That is, until I tried to run the game. The splash screen appears, good, then the screen turns black... good, but then it starts flashing and returns to the desktop, closing Flight Simulator 9. I searched google and went to the Microsoft website where there is a 11 step guide on how to fix problems, with no success. I was wondering, if any of you Vista users out here have had the same issue? Is there a way around it? Your help is greatly appreciated!



Macbook Pro 17'

Windows Vista Business (6,0 Build 6002)

Default System BIOS

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T9500 @ 2.60GHZ


32-Bit Operating System

250GB Drive @ 7200rpm

Nvidia 8600M GT

Direct X 10

Daniel Oordt - OD

• FIR Chief - CZVR Vancouver

//// United Airlines. It's Time To Fly.


In loving memory of Dominic Durden

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Yes, I have tried all of that with no luck.


At a glance it appears that you might have a video drivers issue. FS9 is quiet compatible with Vista. I've never tested XP mode. Some people say they set that. I find the only compatibility check is to turn off Aero. FSX needs it turned off also. It's automatically turned off by FSX. You have it automatically turned off when you start FS9 by checking disable desktop composition.


Check your video drivers. Also try running in Windows mode rather than full screen mode.


-- L. James



L. D. James

[email protected]



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For FSInn/VATSIM issues, please test the FSInn Installation sticky and linked FAQ. It really works!

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My experience is that FSX and Vista Home 32 also do not always work together as one would hope. I bought an XPS having sufficient power, started with Vista and with FSX, SP1 and SP2 both of FSX, Copilot and FSinn which worked well after having solved some sound problems, until automatic updates were installed which did not even allow me to start FSX. Vista's update SP2 could not be installed and thereafter FSX asked for this update which Vista refused to install (code 643 errors etc.). I Deleted all earlier MSXML files, and then reinstalled Vista without any update (of the Christmas tree of 53 updates it had in mind to install). But now this update MSXML 4.0 SP2 (KB954430) which FSX earlier said it needed could be installed as sole update. FSX as above now works, safe that for some reason the whole system sometimes freezes which requires pushing the front button. I also fly and drive on the runway with another earlier used aircraft on my tail which ATC does not spot, but whose engines I can even hear. Would it be possible to integrate Copilot and FSinn for Vista and make it 'lighter'? They form a heavy burden for the PC. Hope this info will help some of you.

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