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Kai Tak Sector File

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Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in controlling in VATASIA but for the Hong Kong events where controllers have Kai Tak open, is there a separate sector file used for Kai Tak with the checkerboard and such since the airport is closed? Is there a link as to where I can find the sector file? I have looked and have had no luck.

CTP Planning Team Member

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Hi Joe,


Kai Tak Airport is under the jurisdiction of Hongkong VACC of VATSEA. As far as I know HKVACC does have a sector file which includes all the airports, including KT, within their boundary. You may try to locate it on their website http://hk.vatsea.net but I think you have to first acquire a controller's account before you could do so (Someone please correct me if I am wrong). I do have a copy fo the sector file but it's not updated tho.



Alfred Tang (934809)


Director | Hong Kong VACC


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