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Hi All,


Ireland currently has no scenery developed by professional software developers and currently members of Irish VA's / ATC have been inquiring to the major developers if they would show any interest in developing some.


Currently we have only been shown some interest from Aerosoft who state that it would have to be justifiable to them to develop some, which is understandable.


As a regular flyer with in Irish Airspace, I see a lot of traffic both local and from other sectors.


We have started an online petition (yes we are not petitioning against anything ) but it was a source were we could possibly demonstrate to Aerosoft that there would be a genuine interets for Irish scenery


Please members, could you kindly show your support by signing your name to our list.


All you need to do is click the link below and sign your name, no registration is required




Many thanks for your help




John Harcourt

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