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"The Last Summer Hurrah" tomorrow at CVG!

Matt Moak 860122

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Matt Moak 860122



The big ZID Event of the summer is happening tomorrow evening. Come join us for some exciting ATC action in ZID Airspace. Cincinnati will be staffed top-to-bottom. It will be just like flying through CVG during a busy arrival and departure push. In fact, the TRACON will be configured exactly as it is in the real world. When was the last time that you didn't have the field in sight and were told to follow an aircraft for a visual approach? When was the last time that you dealt with a final approach controller? When was the last time that you had to follow a sequence to take off? ZID is coming back on the scene in a big way. Come one come all for a great time!


Event begins Saturday August 20 2005 at 1900 ET (2300z)


Visit http://www.zidartcc.org/ for more information

Matt Moak

Indianapolis ARTCC Chief

VATUSA | 860122

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