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Park Air

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The radar return symbols are being filtered out anyway, and gradually being replaced by a weird splat symbol. (diamond shape in the middle with a x through it). If there isn't any ALT data etc on the aircraft, then it's displayed as just a large X.. same with 7000 squawks etc.


PM me if you want a photo of a 'typical' approach radar in the UK.


Tag is typically:







Were ALT is Flight Level or Altitude, FL displayed as 080(FL080) and alt displayed as 15 (1,500ft)


ATT is an arrow either upwards or downwars showing their 'attitude'.. wether in descent or climbing, there is a hyphen if they're in level flight or no data available.


GSPD being the ground speed.


DEST being the Destination ICAO, usually 2 last letters. Only if linked to flightplan etc... if they're transatlantic or whatnot, an 'R' is displayed.



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You can create whatever tag you want ... is there any tag-item missing for Park Air?


Yes but how?



i'll show you on TS tomorrow Daniel


Thanks Cillian .


And thanks the rest of you. Yes I am talking about the return symbology, i.e. the park air tags when an aircraft is not squawking mode C, there is simply a yellow bar for a tag.


Thanks for the offer Scott, i've plenty of 'BB Radar to work on from there.

Daniel Eamon Brennan - C3

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Most approach radars an the UK are now working with Flight Refuelling System radars.. when they're not squawking mode C, it's not a yellow bar anymore (that thing was yucky!) but a vertical + sign. Gawd, come into '09


I was on about the park air tags being like that . When i've got that sorted i'll get all posh.

Daniel Eamon Brennan - C3

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