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Taxi position in X-plane (VATSIM)

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Hi all


Just joined VATSIM. Good to be here.


I do have a problem, however... Once I connect with X-Plane and position myself on an airport, I cannot choose where I want to be at. In other words, if I go to e.g. KMCO, I end up on the runway. This is obviously not good, since you want to be on the ramp getting clearance from clearance delivery, do your startup procedures etc. And naturally, the obvious problem of spawning in front of aircraft on final!


How do I get to spawn on the ramp, or at a gate or something like that? I appreciate any help!






(Powermac G5, X-Plane 8.16, XSquawkbox PB10)

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the startup postions available for an airport are defined with the airports in the apt.dat file.

Many of the European airports have positions defined.


To add one, simply open the apt.dat file in a text editor and add the named startup positions you'd like at each airport. You'll need to know the coordinates, which you can probably obtain by parking yourself in the spot then going to Display -> Input&Output and selecting the appropriate fields to see your lat/lon coords.



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This is not a problem at all, all you need to do, after launched your x-plane, and you find your self at rwy, just click on Location at the top left corner and chose from the drop down lost the name of the airport, then the ram list will pop up, just click on the ramp # you would like to be, and Bingo, you will find yourself there immediately.


Noe some airport does not have many ramp, therefore you will only see default ramp, then click on it, and you will find yourself in the default ramp.


I have experienced finding myself on the default ramp, which is alway acrross rwy, all you need to do is to disconnect from the network, (if you have connected already) and taxi back to the appropriate rwy)



Let me know if this help you



Capt. Princewill A

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... never forget Radio Check

.... fasten your seat-belt, relax and fly the plane!

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I found a much easier way for the aiports that don't have ramp locations (and there are many!):


If you go to the local map menu item in X-Plane 8, you can click and move your aircraft instantly to a spot. Remember to define airspeed and altitude in the upper corner before clicking! You have to be careful: if you spawn at zero ft msl and the airport is e.g. 20 ft, you will insta-crash your airplane. Kind of silly to not include a algorithm to check this before placing the aircraft. But oh well, it works.


Happy flying!

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