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New Division Established - Thailand Division (VATTHD)

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Dear Flightsimmers,


I am glad to announce that the new Thailand Divison is now ready. It will offically launch on 05/09/2009. Mr. John Holt is appointed as the Division Director for VATTHD. John is a very experience member of VATSIM and he held various management posts in VATUSA in the past. In recent years, he spends lots of time developing the Thailand division. John will announce and introduce his team later through their website. Congratulation, John!


I also needs to thanks the Hit Squad Team of VATSIM for all their help in the development of VATTHD.


To celebrate the establisment, VATTHD will organise a fly-in event. Please visit their website http://www.vatthd.net for details.


Let come and support this newest member of Asia.



William Woo

VATASIA Region Director.

William Woo

VATSIM - Asia Region Director


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